Treatment Plan

I can appreciate the frustrations my patients face when trying to choose a treatment path. Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Orthopedist, Sports Medicine, Massage, Pain Management, and the list goes on and on.  Just because you have a similar pain your neighbor or friend, doesn’t mean you will necessarily respond to the same treatment. We offer a variety of treatment modalities and which have been thoroughly researched for effectiveness and speed of recovery. We don’t want you to simply get well, We want you to get well fast!

Truly understanding your pain and how it effects you is where we begin. I want you to leave my office with a clear understanding of 1) what is going on, 2) what has to be done, and 3) how long will it take.

There are 3 phases to our treatment model:

  1. Pain Relief – We need to get control of your pain before starting any type of rehab or exercise program.
  2. Rehabilitation – Restores movement, creates stability, and stops the progression of your problem.
  3. Performance- Now that you’re feeling better, let’s make you live and perform better.

New Patient Exam

  • Every new patient encounter starts with a detailed history of your pain and/or injury. I want to gain a thorough understanding of what is doing on and how it is challenging you.
  • I will review any prior imaging, medication, and notes from other doctors.
  • Next, an evaluation of how your nerves, joints, and muscles are working will be performed. This will rule out any red flags and help determine if imaging or other labs are needed.
  • You will be put through a functional exam. This is an exam to see how your body and its joints move together. This will evaluate how you move on a day-to-day basis. This will expose areas of weakness and areas which require treatment. It will also give a baseline for comparison as you improve. This is an active exam; be prepared to squat, lunge, reach overhead, and demonstrate a movement which causes your pain.
  • After all that, I will explain what is going on, what we will have to do, and we will begin treatment. We will also go over any insurance and financial questions you may have. I do not want there to be any confusion about your treatment plan. In most cases we will be able to start treatment Day 1. This is a combined effort. I want you to take ownership of recovery. Of course you will be receiving treatment but ultimately, you are going to have to see this thing through. Don’t worry I will be helping every step of the way.
  • Finally, I will send you a detailed email summary of your treatment and diagnosis.

Follow-up Treatments

Each encounter builds on the last. You will be given a treatment schedule and a home exercise program to follow.

  • I will review your symptoms and progress
  • We will go through your exercises and other home activities
  • You will receive active, hands-on treatment to speed recovery
  • Dress accordingly or come early to change into athletic attire. This is an active visit.

Flare-ups and Exacerbations

  • Life happens! Your back pain can and will most likely flare-up at some time. You may get a little lazy with your home exercises and start to get stiff again. Sometimes, just plain bad luck will exacerbate an old injury. Not to worry. If you’ve seen us for a similar condition in the recent past, it most likely will not take a full formalized treatment plan to put you in the right direction for recovery. Exacerbations can usually be treated with less than a handful of encounters.