Our Treatment Model

Our treatment model starts with reducing pain, then progresses to restore proper movement, and the most importantly – teach best practices for optimal living and optimal health.



What we do for pain…


No gizmos, gadgets, or lengthy and ongoing treatment plans. At Schuster Chiropractic, we offer understandable and reasonable treatment plans for your pain which you can be easily incorporate into your life. Helping you learn how take control of your pain is the best way to treat it and prevent it from coming back.



How we are different…


We get this question a lot. We’re a lot different.


This is a chiropractic office however, I’m not your typical chiropractor. Our treatment model blends elements of chiropractic, functional rehab exercise, dry needling, myofascial manipulation, muscle activation techniques, athletic conditioning, and nutrition to provide a more complete treatment program.


We bridge the gaps which commonly occur in the sports injury, chiropractic, and rehab professions.



Our plan for you…


Feeling Better: Getting you out of pain is our first priority. You cannot exercise or rehab through pain. No pain, no gain does not apply here. And if you have an injury or dysfunction, simply pushing through it only reinforces your bad movement patterns and will only make your pain it worse!


Moving Better: Staying mobile is fundamental to your health and is vital for a long healthy life. It can prevent arthritis and tendonitis, help maintain a healthy weight, and will keep your body young. You cannot consider yourself a healthy person without being able to move properly. Even if you’ve had surgery… Get Your Mobility Back!


Performing Better: Don’t just survive, thrive! So you’re moving better and finally out of pain, so what’s next? This is where we look further into your health goals. Do you need to run faster or speed up your recovery? Do you want to improve balance and coordination? Or, do you need to sleep better and have more energy? Our treatment model will allow you set your goal, so we can develop a personalized plan unique to you.