Our Treatment Model

Lets try something different...

3 Phases Of Treatment

Feel better

Your pain relief is our priority! We need to get control of your pain before we starting any type of rehab or exercise program.

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Move better

Get your movement and mobility back! Mobility, stability, and strenght will stop and reverse the progression of your problem.

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Perform better

Now that you're feeling better, it's time to increase your capacity! Having a robust and sturdy body will keep you healthy and prevent injury.

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Feel Better

How will you fix my pain?

"How will you help me? What treatments will be used? How will you fix my X, Y, or Z? How long will it take?" are the common questions we get over the phone and email.

Your injury and treatment is unique to you, which is why we always start every case with a thorough examination. You will be given a specific diagnosis and action plan. In most cases, we will get the treatment process started right away.

We respect your time and your resources; If I find that can’t help and think you are in the wrong office, I will give you my honest opinion and help get you in the right direction.

We treat a long list of conditions ranging from high velocity sport injury to chronic low back pain. If your injury involves a muscle, ligament, tendon, or joint, we have a solution for you!

Move Better

I'm feeling better, what's next?

Once your pain has calmed down, it’s time to get moving a little better. This is the second phase of treatment and what I like to call "active rehab."  This is where we build a recovery and maintenance  plan for you to follow to keep your pain at bay. This will not only help with pain relief but also help prevent flare-ups!

Aside from an accident or trauma, your pain was most likely the result of a faulty movement pattern which was "brewing" for a while. Meaning, your body lost its ability to move properly and developed a compensation. This causes muscles to get weak in some places and tight in others, creating an imbalance. Muscle imbalances that cross over a joint causes instability, weakness, and a decreases ability to absorb force and impact. Once your joints lose the ability to absorb force properly, you become vulnerable to injury, which starts degeneration process!

While that was an oversimplified description of the degeneration process, it plots an simple roadmap to follow in reverse:

  1. Increasing strength will help restore joint and spine stability
  2. Once a joint is stable, you will see an increase in mobility
  3. Having mobile joints will help you move better
  4. Moving better will prevent or stop the degeneration process

Simple, But Not Always Easy...

We all could be a little stronger and more flexible, right? Well, it’s a little more than that… A faulty movement pattern is something your body has learned in effort to find a way around a problem. Injuries big and small will cause an avoidance behavior because of pain. This can negatively effect everything from you general posture to he way you walk and run.

Injury recovery and rehab therapy is like learning a new sport or instrument. It will take some time and practice to master. Together, we will identify your body’s weakness and compensation strategy to create a personalized action plan to follow.

"We all don't need to be elite athletes... We could however, all be a little more athletic"

The rehab phase is a hands-on process in the office but will require some at-home effort. You will be given specific instructions about your rehab and plan. I don’t want you to spend hours in my office with me counting reps... I want to show and teach you the movement strategies your body needs to regain strength, mobility, and durability. 

perform better

Isn't Just For Athletes...

And it isn’t just being able to run faster or lift heavier either... It’s training your body to function at a higher level. What does a higher performing body look and feel like? It’s having more durability and increased endurance. It’s being able to take on physical stress and recover faster. 

"Increased capacity means more durability"

Enhancing performance means increasing capacity. It’s about mastering movement, increasing strenght, and optimizing physiology. This will help avoid injury, slow degeneration, and prevent illness. Increasing capacity means more durability.

A Few Examples:

All our treatment plans are centered around your needs and goals. Everyone has different target, but here are just a few examples:

  • Low back pain with squatting or bending over – Improve hip mobility and strength
  • Hook or slice on the golf course – Improve upper back mobility and hip internal rotation
  • Neck pain and headaches after a long week of computer work – Posture restoration, proper breathing pattern, increase endurance capacity of postural muscles
  • Poor sleep – Evaluate sleep habits, correct glycemic dysregulation, stress management
  • Can’t overhead squat in CrossFit – Improve shoulder flexion, improve upper back mobility, optimize squat pattern

Russell G

In the age of service providers who specialize in doing the bare minimum, it is a delight to find someone who goes above and beyond to make sure everything possible is done to help you. And... it doesn't end when you leave the office. Dr Schuster always follows up to make sure you are making progress. Dr Schuster thinks outside the box to make sure you are getting the best care, and is not afraid to consult with other specialists when necessary. I would highly recommend Dr. Schuster to anyone.