Chiropractic Treatments

You are no longer simply choosing chiropractic as a form of treatment. You are choosing a doctor and the treatment model they have developed…

Chiropractic has changed lot since its beginnings in the 1890’s… Which also means, it has also changed a lot in its scope of practice and treatments offered. Most people associate chiropractic with popping and cracking the spine, commonly called adjustments. Specifically, for the non-surgical treatment for neck and back pain. “Adjustments” and other joint manipulations are still used regularly however, they are used in conjunction with other therapies. The end result provides more complete treatment plan.

This gives room for a wide variety in how we treat as a profession. Some doctors choose to stay close to our roots, offering only adjustments for treatment. Others operate facilities where they employ medical providers and offer medication and injections. And then, there are some who specialize in nutrition and do not perform any adjustments or therapy at all.

Health care and treatment paradigm

Chiropractic education is conventional at its core – anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology, and all the other courses ending in “ology.” Where we differ is our early exposure to the concept of vis medicatrix naturae – “the healing power of nature.” This unique perspective allows us to think more broadly and creatively about healthcare. We approach the healing process and treatment as conservatively and minimally invasive as possible. We are always looking for the most minimal intervention first. If we are not meeting our treatment goals, we will work in conjunction with our medical colleagues and get you in the right direction.