Years of lower back pain

After years of lower back pain, I triggered something in my back and found myself in a position where I was unable to stand or walk without significant pain. Dr. Schuster came highly referred so I set up an appointment. They were able to see me that day and I immediately felt relief. You can tell Dr. Schuster cares about his patients and his thorough explanations provide an understanding of what is really happening with your back/body.

David M

Chronic neck and shoulder pain

I had suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as frequent migraines for more than 10 years. I was introduced to Dr. Schuster and was told about the different “state of the art” techniques he used... After just one visit, I had a significant reduction in the pain, and amazingly to me, it lasted. But after just a handful of visits with Dr. Schuster, I have no pain for the first time in years! If you have been suffering with pain and have not been able to find lasting relief, I highly recommend you make an appointment

Sue H

I have struggled with knee and lower back pain since my mid 20s and grew to accept it as normal. Dr Schuster's work with me has made my body comfortable again. I exercise more. I play with my kids better. I didn't know how bad things were until they got better. I can't thank Dr. Schuster enough.

Steve H

Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights, not pain, took me in to see Dr. Schuster this time and with a few functional tests he determined what was causing my arms to fall asleep and wake me up every hour. Now I have exercises to stretch and strengthen my core and back, which gives me the power to heal. And within 3 days I slept almost completely through the night!

Taylor G

In the age of service providers who specialize in doing the bare minimum, it is a delight to find someone who goes above and beyond to make sure everything possible is done to help you. And... it doesn't end when you leave the office. Dr Schuster always follows up to make sure you are making progress. Dr Schuster thinks outside the box to make sure you are getting the best care, and is not afraid to consult with other specialists when necessary. I would highly recommend Dr. Schuster to anyone.

Russell G

I feel better now than I have in years

I would like to thank you for dramatically improving the health and physical well being of not only myself, but also the family and friends that I have referred to you as well.

I have been struggling with lower back pain and neck pain on and off for 10+ years, and have seen several traditional Chiropractors and Physical Therapists for these problems, none of which were cured. In fact, they all told me that that I would live with these conditions for the rest of my life.

After seeing you for two months, the pain in my neck is gone, my lower back pain is gone, and I feel better now than I have in years. I’m able to participate in activities that a “normal” 30-year-old man should be able to. Not only have you improved physical comfort, but because of you, my fiancé no longer has to listen to me complain everyday about my back and neck pain.!!

I feel confident that if I hold up my end of the deal – doing the prescribed stretches and exercising – that I will feel great for years to come.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, Dr. Schuster. You really have given me my active life back, and for that I am truly grateful.

Thomas G