Feeling Better – Pain Relief

Can you help me?  What treatments do you do?  How will you treat my X, Y, and Z?  We get these questions often from people searching for pain relief. We understand… You want to know if we can help you. The only way to truly know is with a thorough examination. If you are a good candidate for treatment, I will give you a specific plan of action and we can get started with treatment right away. If I find that can’t help and think you are in the wrong office, I will give you my opinion as if you were a family member and point you in the right direction.

We treat a long list of conditions ranging from high velocity sports injury to chronic low back pain. If your injury involves a muscle, ligament, tendon, or a joint, we have a solution for you.


There are 3 phases to our treatment model:

  1. Pain Relief – We need to get control of your pain before starting any type of rehab or exercise program
  2. Rehabilitation – Restores movement, creates stability, and stops the progression of your problem
  3. Performance- Now that you’re feeling better, let’s make you live and perform better