McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method is a therapeutic and diagnostic treatment most known for the treatment of neck and low back pain. The hallmark feature of The McKenzie Method is its conservative nature and patient involvement. In most cases evaluation and treatment can be performed without X-rays, expensive MRI, or medication. At the end of the visit you will have a good understanding of what is causing your pain and a program to follow to get better. Most patents notice a decrease in pain the same day of treatment.

The McKenzie Method is appropriate for all ages, regardless of injury or how long you have had your pain.


What is mechanical pain?

When you see your medical provider because you have chest pain, you are typically asked… What kind of pain is it? When does it hurt? What makes it worse and what makes it better? An exam is performed, test and labs are ordered, and you are given a diagnosis with appropriate treatment.


Why is it not the same for neck and low back pain? The majority of neck and back pain people experience is mechanical in nature. This means your pain is most likely coming from the connective tissue which supports your spine, not arthritis, cancer, infection. You have done something to mechanically injure your back. Doesn’t it make sense that it will take a mechanical approach to fix it?


The McKenzie Treatment

The initial treatment begins with a detailed history of your neck or low back pain. A focus exam will then be performed to rule out red flags or the need for a referral. Once a good understanding of your pain and how it affects you has been established, the McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy begins.


This is an active exam. You will be asked to demonstrate what movements and positions make your pain worse. Together, we will develop a movement strategy to reduce your pain and increase movement. A decrease in your pain will confirm your diagnosis and give you a treatment plan. The exam will both classify what type of pain you are experiencing and teach you how to treat it, all in real time. This is the genus of the procedure. You don’t have to wait for X-rays, MRI, or medication.


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