Perform Better

Enhancing performance isn’t just for athletes… It isn’t just being able to run faster or lift heavier either. It’s training your body to function at a higher level. What does a higher performing body look like? It’s having more durability and increased endurance. It’s being able to stress your body and recover fast. 

First of all, enhancing performance goes beyond simply recovering from an injury.  Rather, it’s about optimizing your movements and physiology. Want to prevent illness? Avoid injury? Slow the degeneration process? Or, compete at a higher level? You’ll need to increase your capacity and durability.  However, to do all this and avoid injury, you’ll need to be stronger than your most strenuous event.

  • If you want or need to lift 225 pounds on a regular basis, you’d better be able to lift 275
  • If you want to play 36 holes of golf for 2 days in a row, you’ll feel and perform a lot better if you had the capacity to play 3

Imagine the difference you would feel if you didn’t have to always go to your body’s redline to do the things you love?


What are some examples?


All our treatment plans are centered around your goals. Everyone has different needs, but here are just a few examples:

  • Low back pain with squatting movements – Improve hip mobility and strength
  • Hook or slice on the golf course – Improve upper back mobility and hip internal rotation
  • Neck pain and headaches after a long week of computer work – Posture restoration, proper breathing pattern, increase endurance
  • Poor sleep – Evaluate sleep habits, correct glycemic dysregulation, stress management
  • Can’t overhead squat in CrossFit – Improve shoulder flexion, improve upper back mobility, optimize squat pattern